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Quit Smoking Today

An unbelievably simple way to stop smoking – its pain free, drug free, inexpensive and clinically proven in a double blind study by Middlesex University*.

In clinical trials Laser Light has shown to be more effective than other stop smoking treatments.

This state of the art technology can help you stop smoking after just four sessions.

Stop smoking today and the average smoker will save over £150,000 over the next forty years!

Not to mention the health benefits, improved skin and so much more. Take a look at the benefits in more detail on our why stop page.

To see how laser treatment works and why it is so much better at helping you to stop smoking, Take a look at our how it works page. Laser Light uses the latest technology that makes it easier for you to stop smoking after just three sessions.

If you have any questions or would like to book – contact us today.

Your chances of quitting successfully are greatly improved by using a Laser Therapy treatment and support together. These improve your chances of successfully stopping compared to just relying on your willpower alone - only 3% of smokers ever succeed to quit using willpower alone.

Take advantage of our expertise. BOOK NOW QUIT TOMORROW.

Clinical results show that Laser Therapy treatments are up to 9 times more effective than nicotine patches in helping patients quit smoking.*

70% of those treated with the laser therapy stopped smoking and were STILL not smoking after 6 months.*

Clinical trials have shown that there is only 7.7% success rate of quitting smoking when using nicotine patches.**

Success Rates – The Facts

FREEDOM Laser Therapy - 70%

Call us today - what’s the risk? There are only benefits.

* Low Level Laser Therapy - Double blind study to assess the efficacy of L.L.L.T. as a treatment for stopping smoking"
Middlesex University clinical trial 2002, Paul Lowe, Katherine Kerr

**Over-the-counter nicotine patch therapy for smoking cessation: results from randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled,
and open label trials".
Hayes JT, Croghan IT, Schroder DR, Offord KP, et al 1999